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Humphrey Knot

I call this Bracelet, My signature Bracelet, The Humphrey Knot. It has an exclusive fastening system, and it bares my name.

Hard Candy

I call this Bracelet Hard Candy. It can be warn as a bracelet, or with it’s extended length it could be warn higher on the arm like a tatoo.


I call this Bracelet,Aztek. Possibly one of the oldest decorative patterns used by Artisans everywhere on Earth.


I call this Bracelet, Grafitti, I had no idea where I was going when I made, but here it is.

Wonder Woman

I call this Bracelet, Wonder Woman. With a tapered design that fits at the wrist and the front hangs down over the back of the hand.

It looks like a gauntlet that Wonder Woman would wear.

A Day at the Seashore

I call this Bracelet, A Day at the Seashore.  It represents the rolling in of the waves, rhythmic and relaxing.


I call this Lasso. As it resembles a rope. It’s very comfortable and elegant. Quick tied ends to keep the wires from unraveling. 

Double Diamond